Standing for education of young professionals in water and wastewater management and upskilling, reskilling of technicians in water technology. While addressing sustainable development goals 4 and 6, we pledge for innovative qualification programs to create new jobs for greening economies across the world.

Festo Didactic SE

Denkendorf, Germany
Private sector company
Established : 1965
Education and COVID-19 Response

Support the equitable continuation of learning
During the COVID-19 pandemic
Strengthen learning systems
For the future
Close digital divides and enhance connectivity for education

Digital delivery of education is more than ever a necessity to provide equal opportunity for all to access to quality education.

Major barriers remain as (i) ITC infrastructure and stability, (ii) Quality and Relevant Content given a user-friendly learning and teaching environment, (iii) provisional of learning analytics with full-fledged assistance, as well as (iv) Teacher Digital Capacity to sustain any Digital Learning and Training methodologies.

Our overarching ambition is to use the course of digitization to help skills-based education towards more digital than presential, albeit the value of hands-on training would strengthen achievement of professional competencies that individuals would require to fulfill their jobs.

Our goal is to design and implement educational solutions and programs that train people to perform in highly dynamic and complex industrial environments. Our aim is to maximize the learning success in educational institutions and industrial companies around the globe.

Regional Focus


Countries of Interest

Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa

Member Video

Step 1. Immediate response to post COVID-19 worldwide education activities. The entire 9 e-learning modules will be provided on a support portal in English and French for a free use across the world, to be part of the UNESCO Global Education Coalition.

Step 2. A worldwide access to Festo Learning Experience LX portal to be designed for UNESCO. Providing space on LX for UNESCO, with access to 9 x e-learning Water Technology courses and features for digital delivery. This will be subject to a design process which will be following TVET demand of UNESCO country members.

Action areas

Learner Wellbeing

Learning opportunities

Digital Learning Content

Digitize curriculum
Establish and expand repositories of learning resources
Develop or provide free and contextually appropriate learning content
Build or strengthen learning platforms

Capacity Development

Capacity development to support distance learning

Advocacy and Communication

Evaluate the effectiveness of distance learning strategies

Primary Contact

Ms. Elfi Klumpp

Head of Partnership Development

Senior Contact

Mr. Nader Imani

Executive Vice President Global Education Projects