Global Learning House

Providing supplemental educational resources and instruction at no cost to mitigate COVID-19 induced learning losses
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most prolonged and widespread learning disruption in history. Adjusted school calendars and shortened instructional times have put millions of learners at risk of losing accumulated knowledge and skills while hindering their ability to benefit from academic programmes. In addition to impeding schooling, the pandemic has exacerbated education inequalities within and across countries, affecting all levels and forms of learning.

In this context, the Global Education Coalition is launching the Global Learning House to mobilize international solidarity and innovative solutions to support learning, especially for the most disadvantaged learners. More specifically it aims to provide supplemental educational resources and instruction, at no cost, for remedial programmes that mitigate COVID-19 induced learning losses.

We will initially target subject areas related to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

Ultimately, the Global Learning House will provide at least 1 million learners with new learning opportunities.

Enabling learners to access cost-free supplemental instruction, anywhere, any time

We will achieve this by sharing relevant resources, technologies and networks for distance and hybrid learning while deploying customized solutions for supplementary, cost-free and level appropriate learning programmes.  

Initially, we will focus on delivering supplemental learning by mobilizing educators and volunteers while dispensing educational resources. Chief among these will be a repository of open license learning objects aimed at mitigating learning gaps in STEAM subject areas.

In the longer run, the Global Learning House will become a more dynamic, integrated and interactive platform. It will enable learners and the global teaching community to seek and impart targeted instruction while providing them with a platform to freely develop, adapt, publish and share content.

Getting involved

As a Learner
Gain access to supplemental cost-free educational resources and targeted instruction to make up lost learning.
As a Digital Service Provider
Offer distance learning solutions free of charge. Provide free access to educational resources with limited or no restrictions.
As an Educator
Provide free tutorials or instruction in a particular subject area or at a level.

For more information about the Global Learning House initiative or how to get involved,
please contact the Section of Education Policy, Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning, Education Sector, UNESCO:

Partners on this initiative

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