While technology alone cannot address many of the challenges facing education, we believe it can play a powerful role in ensuring educational continuity. We are committed to building products that help students learn, help teachers teach, and help leaders run their schools - no matter where or who they are. We will also continue investing in projects and organizations that expand access to learning, adding to Google.org’s $260 million contribution toward tackling global education gaps.


Mountain View, California, United States of America
Private sector company
Established : 1998
Education and COVID-19 Response


Support the equitable continuation of learning
During the COVID-19 pandemic
Ensure a full and fair return to education
Following the pandemic
Strengthen learning systems
For the future
Supporting and empowering educators

We spend thousands of hours working with educators to design our free products and tools that enable them to focus on what they do best: teaching. For example, when teachers told us they struggled to collaborate and manage student assignments, we created Google Classroom. We’re committed to putting teachers—and their voices—at the center of our technology.

We’ve created a hub of free online training, educator communities, certification programs and other resources that empower teachers to continue advancing their skills and careers, and even enable them to pursue passion projects to help solve educational challenges.

We also recognize technology is just part of the equation, so Google.org has given more than $70 million to organizations who share our mission of providing educators with the support they need and deserve.

Finally, we use moments like Teacher Appreciation Week and World Teacher Day to recognize and celebrate educators on our highest visibility platforms, garnering hundreds of millions of impressions and engagements on our teacher-focused campaigns, including blog posts, Doodles and films.

Regional Focus


Countries of Interest

United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico

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While technology alone is not the solution for addressing many of the challenges education systems face, we believe it can be a powerful component of ensuring educational continuity for all learners, educators and institutions. We are committed to building products that can help students learn, help teachers teach, and help leaders run their schools, while also investing in projects and organizations that expand access to learning.

With more than 120 million students and educators using G Suite for Education (our free suite of communication and collaboration tools for schools including Classroom, Gmail and Drive) our goal is to help make learning possible anytime, anywhere. Through Google.org, we’ve also invested more than $260 million in grants towards tackling global education gaps, while empowering Googlers to volunteer their technical expertise. Our aim is to help more people — especially those in underserved communities — benefit from the promise of technology, in the classroom and beyond.

Action areas

Universal Connectivity

Distribute hardware and relevant software to disadvantaged learners and teachers

Digital Learning Content

Establish and expand repositories of learning resources
Develop or provide free and contextually appropriate learning content
Build or strengthen learning platforms
Create or enable access to teacher training resources

Capacity Development

Capacity development to support distance learning
Capacity development to support and provide training to teaching staff

Advocacy and Communication

Evaluate the effectiveness of distance learning strategies

Primary Contact

Ms. Miriam Schneider

Brand Lead, Education

Senior Contact

Ms. Avni Shah

VP, Google for Education