Technovation will deploy a free, 5-week, AI-technology entrepreneurship program online encouraging girls to find community problems and develop AI solutions addressing them. Volunteers with STEM experience will be recruited to support our all-online program with flexibility to support based on their desired time commitment.


Los Angeles, United States of America
Non-profit organization
Established : 2006
Education and COVID-19 Response

Support the equitable continuation of learning
During the COVID-19 pandemic
Ensure a full and fair return to education
Following the pandemic
Strengthen learning systems
For the future
Strengthen gender equality in and through education

In the past 20 years we have seen engineering and tech innovations tackle large, complex problems while drastically changing how we live and work. To achieve equality, we need everyone, not just technology experts, to engage as empowered global citizens. More people must believe they can effect change in their lives and communities, and that they can learn how to use powerful technologies, like AI, to make positive change.

Technovation is a global technology education nonprofit with a grassroots approach to empowering underserved communities, especially girls and women, to address local problems through cutting-edge technologies (mobile and AI). Our goal is to help underserved communities build a sense of efficacy as technology inventors and leaders, eventually leading to greater community resilience.

Our programs take participants through a technology-entrepreneurship curriculum that goes beyond basic coding to help participants develop real-world problem solving, collaboration, metacognition and complex systems-thinking skills.

Regional Focus


Countries of Interest

India, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Brazil


Technovation will deploy a free, online, 5-6 week AI-technology entrepreneurship program for girls ages 10-18 aligned to the goals of the Global Education Coalition. Using our experience running similar, 12-week global programs for 14 years, the program will be available anywhere, but target girls specifically in India, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Brazil and Mexico.

The project-based curriculum is designed to encourage participants to find meaningful problems in their communities and develop AI solutions to address them. Incentives such as weekly prizes and social amplification of participants’ work will be used to inspire and motivate girls to complete the program.

Technovation is also recruiting volunteer mentors, preferably with STEM familiarity or in a STEM career, to provide meaningful feedback and support to participating girls. All volunteers will receive training in advance and will have flexibility to support based on their expertise and desired time commitment.

Action areas

Learner Wellbeing

Learning opportunities
Social and emotional support

Digital Learning Content

Establish and expand repositories of learning resources
Develop or provide free and contextually appropriate learning content
Create or enable access to teacher training resources

Capacity Development

Capacity development to support distance learning
Capacity development to strengthen system resilience and response to future shocks

Advocacy and Communication

Evaluate the effectiveness of distance learning strategies

Primary Contact

Ms. Tara Chklovski

Founder & CEO

Senior Contact

Ms. Rebecca Anderson

Senior Director of Programs